3 yếu tố giúp triển khai ODOO thành công

Để triển khai ODOO thành công đòi hỏi doanh nghiệp cần có một mục tiêu đúng đắn & một đối tác uy tín, giàu kinh nghiệm, có tư duy đủ cởi mở để thực thi các giải pháp kết nối trong bối cảnh kinh doanh mới.

The selection of a suitable overall management software solution. However, it is unlikely that the implementation will be successful even if a supplier with a lot of experience is selected. Why?

  • The internal enterprise has not agreed on the process and plan. Not having a leader with enough vision throughout the implementation process leads to the project often being protracted.

  • Consulting partners may be strong in certain areas but lack an open mind in connecting with other software. In the current expanding business context, closing the door to information is similar to isolating the business itself.

  • Lack of proper budget preparation. A system like ERP, even with ODOO, is very difficult to complete at a cost of several tens of millions. When the deployment partner has a good enough profit, they can raise an army of "war" and your business will inherit that.

And there are dozens of other reasons why the implementation of Odoo ERP software in Vietnam is still facing a lot of challenges, in order to deploy and operate them successfully, it needs a combination of many factors. The 8 factors below are considered essential.

The leadership's determination to implement ODOO ERP

ODOO ERP software certainly brings a lot of benefits to business management during digital transformation. However, not every business owner, or all employees, fully understand the benefits that this software brings. This will lead to resistance and quickly give up when encountering some difficulties in the implementation of ODOO ERP.

Therefore, the leadership team, including the Board of Directors, senior leadership members (C-level) need to unify their determination in implementing the system. Information is the lifeblood of Enterprises in the new era, unlocking the flow of information is the basis for quick response decisions according to market conditions.

Choosing the right project management team

One of the biggest mistakes is that Enterprises often choose project leaders who are IT or accountants. The implementation of ODOO ERP requires a deep understanding of the actual business of the Enterprise. Some of the hallmarks of an ODOO software project leader will include.

  • Ability to self-study and understand the business flow of the Enterprise through the exchange and cross-collation of information between departments.

  • Have good communication skills to exchange with internal and with the implementation unit.

  • Have decision-making ability and result-oriented problem-solving mindset.

  • Organize your work neatly and scientifically.

  • Eager to learn and test new solutions to optimize business processes.

  • Accept the challenge.

  • Persevere in the face of difficulties.

  • Because of the complexity and frequent changes, the risk of difficult situations occurs, so the choice of project leader should be experienced, visionary, and skilled in handling unexpected situations. reasonably, withstand great work pressure.

In parallel with the head of the ODOO ERP implementation project. The middle leadership team also needs to be included in the key roles in finalizing the plan for each department.

Choose an experienced and strong change-minded ODOO implementation consulting partner.

Equivalent to choosing the right ERP solution, choosing an Odoo ERP software implementation unit is also extremely important.

In addition to high professional capacity and professional working style, the odoo ERP solution provider must have a lot of experience. Businesses can still do it themselves, but this is only really suitable for large enterprises with good human resources. 

You can evaluate the supplier through the following suggested information

  1. Number of customers successfully deployed?

  2. Successfully implemented business models?

  3. With those projects that have been successfully implemented? Please ask your business partner what are the 3 core business problems that the consulting unit has solved for customers?

  4. See how a potential implementation partner presents the option with confidence? 

  5. Are the documents, emails, meeting summaries well prepared? If they don't take care of themselves, why can't they take care of your project?

  6. Ask about their workflow? Capture the key points to ask follow-up questions that clarify the issue.

  7. Ask your partner for a list of ODOO features that fit your business model.

  8. ODOO is not a universal software, ask about the disadvantages of ODOO if applied to your business model when deploying.

  9. Other matters that you consider necessary.

Odoo deployment cost

For the perfect Odoo implementation, the implementation cost is also an important part. Odoo deployment cost includes many fees like instance, project/business size, time, throttling level, user classification, number of users. Therefore, when the company, the business learns the fees to have a suitable plan.

Odoo software cost

Depending on the business sector and the size of the business, the cost of implementing Odoo also varies. For a complete odoo deployment includes different parts like installation, server management, module management, configuration settings, setting up hierarchy, workflow, training... 

Odoo installation cost

Installation costs are part of the overall cost of a successful odoo deployment. Once set up by the server and install the basic packages Ooo, Postgres, your company's own server module. Setting up this Odoo takes only a few hours with a little Odoo ERP software knowledge. 

Other Odoo deployment costs

Depending on the customizations you want to add or remove, the cost of implementing Odoo also adjusts accordingly.

Custom cost

The complexity and resources involved affect the cost of customizing Odoo. This is the case when a paid application outside the community is not pre-installed to satisfy a business need and process. At this point, we need to customize Odoo ERP to fit the business processes. The larger the data, the higher the cost of implementing Odoo and vice versa. As a result, many companies choose to follow standard Odoo processes to reduce Odoo implementation costs.


If the resources and experience are low, Odoo deployment providers will offer low fees and vice versa. To ensure a smooth experience, you need to choose experienced companies and units that provide a complete Odoo system instead of choosing freelance. 

Server cost

The server is where the company or organization chooses the infrastructure to store data. The server may vary based on the module or user in use. Server costs can be higher for large organizations and businesses, and vice versa for smaller companies.

Usage license fee

In addition to the above costs, you need to pay the license fee and the cost of the Application that you purchased from Odoo. There are different versions such as Odoo on-premises, online and Odoo.sh whose licensing prices also fluctuate. Besides, the cost of licensing also depends on the country and territory of the host country.

In addition to the costs mentioned above, there are many costs incurred during Odoo deployment such as maintenance and repair costs, development costs, etc. you can consider. 

Hopefully the article can help you understand the factors that help you deploy Odoo successfully, wish you to choose the right Odoo software.

(*) The documents of TopERP are always carefully and fully prepared even at the stage before signing the contract.

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3 yếu tố giúp triển khai ODOO thành công
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