Giải mã cách quản lý kho hiệu quả nhất cho doanh nghiệp

Quản lý kho là quy trình quan trọng trong hoạt động của một doanh nghiệp. Với số lượng hàng hóa lớn, đa dạng sản phẩm và mã hàng là một thách thức lớn đối với những người đảm nhiệm vị trí quản lý kho hàng. Điều cần thiết phải áp dụng các cách quản lý kho hiệu quả để quy trình vận hành xuyên suốt. Cùng TopERP tìm hiểu cách quản lý kho hàng hiệu quả trong bài viết sau.

What is warehouse management?

Warehouse management is the process of controlling goods at an enterprise's warehouse, including the following stages: import and export goods, inventory management, warehouse transfer, etc. Effective warehouse management helps to shorten time and increase efficiency. work, optimize financial for business.

For household businesses, free stock management software can be applied. But for companies and businesses with a quantity of goods up to thousands, a large warehouse system, the use of logistics management software is a must to optimize work efficiency and costs for customers. enterprise.

4 mistakes that make warehouse management ineffective

Unscientific arrangement of goods in the warehouse of supplies

Goods and supplies in the warehouse are often in large quantities, packed in cartons, and placed on high shelves. Without applying effective warehouse management methods, finding, transporting, importing and exporting goods is time-consuming.

When you organize your goods scientifically, you can quickly access the goods according to the rules of bestsellers near the door or low. In contrast, stagnant goods are placed high, cornered or do not affect the rotation of other goods too much.

Difficult to conduct inventory of goods 

Regular periodic inventory of goods is the determining factor in the best quantity and quality of goods. This is the decisive stage to plan production, import goods, marketing in accordance with the warehouse situation. At the same time, the inventory of warehouse goods helps goods to rotate continuously, minimizing the situation of excessive inventory, damage, wear, reduced product value or untimely liquidation.

With today's developed techniques and technology, the traditional way of counting goods, such as managing by books and papers, is difficult to store information, lose data, difficult to access, time consuming and expensive. manpower is inevitable. 

Not knowing the level of inventory

Inventories are the quantity of goods in stock to promptly supply the needs of the industry, ensure the smooth circulation of goods, and form an efficient supply chain.

Maintain inventory at a moderate level. Overloading goods in the warehouse leads to problems such as increasing warehouse rental costs, increasing labor costs to protect goods, exhausting business cash flow...

On the contrary, if the goods in stock are too small, it is not enough to ensure enough supply for the arising cases. Leading to supply chain disruptions, affecting business reputation. 

Haven't managed the warehouse effectively because of the lack of software

The inventory of goods if not conducted on warehouse management software tools can lead to discrepancies, information not updated correctly. From there, businesses can make plans and implement deviations from the actual situation.

For large enterprises that maintain two or more warehouses, applying digital technology and processes is an effective and practical way to manage inventory. Warehouse management software helps to synchronize data quickly and accurately, shortening the time and human resources of finding goods. This is a cost-effective way to optimize your business. 10 Kỹ năng quản lý kho

3 effective ways to manage inventory 

Management by experience in warehouse management

Warehouse management by experience is a method where the manager holds all information about goods and operates the warehouse according to his own experience. The advantage of this method is that the warehouse operator has a firm grasp of the unit's products. This method is suitable for household business model or the volume of goods is not too large. 

However, the way of warehouse management by experience contains many inadequacies. Commodity information is easily confused, difficult to retrieve data when necessary, does not guarantee capital flow… In short, this manual management method is not recommended to be deployed.

Manage logistics with simple books and software

Some business households or small companies apply this method. The way to manage inventory by books or simple warehouse management software excel is quite convenient and easy to use. 

However, the limitations of this method are many. The goods information is manually entered entirely by hand, the data extraction may be wrong, the goods information does not match the data, etc. In general, this is not an effective way of logistics management for businesses.

Warehouse management with warehouse management software - the most effective way to manage inventory

With the current technological development, applying warehouse management software is a method that many businesses invest in. Tools to help operators navigate and distribute bulk goods accurately; minimize confusion and errors in the import-export process; Update inventory data regularly.

Most importantly, users can easily access data immediately, receive warnings about goods that are about to expire, import date/time, inventory quantity, etc. to implement the appropriate deployment direction.

Above is some information on how to effectively manage warehouses for businesses. Hope the article can provide you with useful information about logistics management. You can find more useful Odoo knowledge at TopERP. 
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