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Câu chuyện quản lý kho hàng và điều phối sao để hiệu quả là nỗi trăn trở của không ít doanh nghiệp. Phần mềm quản lý kho Odoo hiện được nhiều đơn vị lựa chọn và tin dùng nhờ những tiện ích chuyên biệt.

The story of warehouse management and effective coordination is the concern of many businesses. Odoo warehouse management software is currently chosen and trusted by many units thanks to its specialized utilities, helping to reduce the burden of warehousekeeper work as well as bringing high economic efficiency.

So what is inventory management software? What does effective inventory management include? Why do businesses choose Odoo warehouse management software as a technology to track the movement of goods? Let's explore with TopERP in the article below.

What is inventory management software?

Odoo warehouse management software is chosen by many large and multinational enterprises 

Warehouse management software is software that controls and tracks activities such as import, export, inventory, warehouse staff, etc. Warehouse management software can be integrated with other software. other management such as: production management, sales management, transportation management software.

Benefits of warehouse management software

Management of imported goods

The use of warehouse management software helps to streamline the amount of goods entering the warehouse, saving space and time in searching.

- Planning to receive goods 

- Checking and handling the process of importing goods into the warehouse

- Update instructions for receiving warehouse from system/software

- Pictures of goods received in case of any dispute

Management of export goods

Warehouse management software helps operators choose the right move and distribution of shipments for each strategy, based on parameters or the date of shipment. Optimization helps management to select the correct shipments to be handled, 

Applying warehouse management software helps to quickly get to the appropriate shipment location quickly, reduce costs and energy consumption, and increase work efficiency. 

Inventory management 

When using warehouse management software, you will receive information and warnings when there are signs of slow consumption; or fast-moving items that need to be replenished. Continuously updating package information helps leaders make decisions about the amount of goods to be imported into the warehouse.

The inventory management feature makes it possible for goods to be conveniently arranged for rotation, space optimization as well as for you to make the right business decisions.  

Odoo warehouse management software

With Odoo warehouse management software, you can conduct activities such as import/export processes, inventory management, reducing the risk of unexpected problems, saving costs and time. for users. Warehouse management method on Odoo platform is preferred by many businesses.

Odoo inventory management software excels with specialized features:

- Quick and detailed retrieval of information from suppliers to customers. All information is stored and updated regularly according to the user's command.

- Packing and delivering goods with and without barcodes. Odoo can even prepare orders based on its availability.

- Set up and maintain a common algorithm, create unity and synchronization of each data; establish common rules for the smooth operation of goods.

- Odoo helps inventory items based on cloud storage metrics and attribution algorithms.

- Accurately estimate the processing time of orders, thereby creating transparency and clarity in business activities. 

- Odoo warehouse management software can be custom installed to suit your business product. 

- Improve supply chain operability, by using point-of-order and automated RPQ.

Odoo warehouse management software is known as a specialized software for goods operation, logistics, large-scale transportation enterprises. This latest warehouse management software optimizes processes, improves working systems, and brings great benefits to businesses.

Reasons to use Odoo warehouse management software

Keeping up with the trend of the times

Currently, many companies and enterprises digitalize business and production activities so that the goods coordination process takes place quickly, efficiently and with high accuracy. Data is stored in the cloud instead of using simple warehouse management excel files or discrete warehouse management databases, which are easy to confuse and need highly specialized personnel to solve when problems arise. This costs time and personnel.

In addition, now businesses and companies in the field of logistics, shippers, shipping units all digitize data of goods and warehouses. Therefore, the need to technology, store data in the cloud to adapt to the software used by partners. Thanks to modern warehouse management software, the process of managing the warehouse of materials and goods as well as the exchange of goods takes place faster and more transparently.

Comprehensive Odoo Warehouse Management Software - Improve Labor Productivity

The application of software tools is considered an effective and modern way of managing warehouses. Warehouse management software includes specialized activities and items such as managers, warehouse keeper, workers and import and export activities. 

Warehouse management software for production and materials is programmed with important features, specializing in the operation of goods such as:

- Full report of export orders, import orders, packages to total daily quantity.

- Detailed statistics of warehouse receipts, tally sheets, container tickets, thereby classifying vehicles and suppliers accurately.

- Report the number of damaged goods, exchange.

- Check the status and quantity of goods to carry out filling, packing, receiving/shipping.

- Managing the current status of goods loading and unloading.

- Manage employees, working time, salary and fees.

Reduce loss of goods

Using warehouse management software helps you understand the information, usage limit of goods as well as the location of the goods. From there, support information about upcoming shipments for owners to prioritize and adjust the sale time in a timely manner. This minimizes the risk of expired products, causing waste and loss to shippers.

Cost Optimization

Applying warehouse management software helps shippers reduce costs such as expired goods, inventory, labor costs, etc. Thereby increasing capital efficiency, helping managers make decisions. intend to import any more items to facilitate the circulation of goods.


The clear classification of the quantity, the due date, the location of the goods, etc. helps the workers to quickly determine the status of the goods. This helps the person in charge of management and operation quickly make accurate decisions.


Above are the details of warehouse management software, warehouse management experience that TopERP informs you. Please contact us to receive detailed information about warehouse management software as well as other technology software for businesses.

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