Phần mềm quản trị doanh nghiệp phiên bản Odoo 12 có gì?

Odoo 12 mang đến cho người dùng thêm những trải nghiệm mới, giúp người dùng thao tác nhanh, tốc độ xử lý mượt mà. Cùng TopERP khám phá chi tiết phiên bản Odoo version 12 có gì?
With each version, Odoo brings users more new experiences. So in this update, what does Odoo version 12 business administration software bring to users?

Outstanding features of Odoo version 12

Odoo is open source ERP software written in the Python programming language. Odoo Python offers two versions Community and Enterprise. With the ability to link many functions in the system, Odoo is chosen by many businesses to use.

The software with Odoo 12 Community and Enterprise versions is developed on outstanding features such as:

Support to manage multiple websites

The new version of Odoo software allows users to manage multiple websites on the same system. This is very useful for businesses that build a wide website system and a chain of business models. Users can configure different website interface based on suggested Odoo 12 themes.

Odoo Studio

Using Odoo Studio saves time and brings many benefits to businesses. With Odoo Studio, users easily create report forms, edit and store them. Odoo Studio both saves time and synchronizes report templates.

IoT application integration

This new feature makes it easier to manage Internet of Things devices.

Odoo 12 has more payment methods

Alipay is an online payment method introduced in Odoo v12. New billing feature for direct linking with parts. At the same time, quick payment helps to ensure smooth and efficient work.

Easily track profits

Through parameters attached to emails, websites, users can easily track ROI. This makes tracking opportunities, orders, invoices more convenient and faster.

Warehouse management application

Warehouse operations will become more controllable in version 12. Newly added chart view for timely tracking and inventory management. When there is any deviation between the warehouse and the system, it can be easily checked through this new mode.

Document Management

Odoo 12 Documentation is a new application updated in this improved version. With the new document management feature, members can easily exchange and share documents without spending much time. As a result, it also saves storage space and unifies the operation process.

Expense app

You will save quite a bit of time in entering expense invoices with version 12. Instead of manual input, this new version of Odoo allows data entry through images. This helps to limit significant errors in corporate financial management.

Calendar management application

Odoo management software version 12 closely supports the employee's work schedule. Make sure to update the correct number of working days, leave, set limits, tiered approvals. At the same time, the Odoo 12 app version also helps to create timesheets for employees, ensuring transparent and objective information.

 Odoo 12 supports multiple images

Image files can be uploaded directly to the Odoo system via a URL. Users do not need to spend a lot of time saving photos to their device and then uploading them manually.

 Invoice reconciliation

The new upgraded version allows users to quickly reconcile invoices. Can query data directly, collate customer invoices in each time period. Besides, the manager can also compare the invoice with the statement for verification.

 Improved Subscriptions Odoo

Users who install Odoo version 12 will have more improvements in Subscriptions. The new version is more advanced with the ability to diversify payment flows, automatically clean up emails, clear KPI management, history storage, automatic alerts, ratings, ...

Why should you download Odoo version 12?

Odoo 12 - Comprehensive solution for businesses

Odoo ERP cung cấp hơn 1000 module với đa dạng chức năng, phù hợp với nhiều ngành nghề. Có thể dễ dàng triển khai Odoo đối với mô hình doanh nghiệp lớn, vừa, nhỏ hay chuỗi cửa hàng,...

Odoo 12 fast speed, accurate data update

Fast, stable speed is a huge plus for Odoo. This helps users to operate quickly, neatly, and use time effectively. The data is updated in a timely manner, ensuring accurate figures and clear reports.

Smart Connect

Instead of having to manage separately, Odoo ERP helps users to consolidate management software. Departments such as warehouse, human resources, accounting, maintenance, ... are connected with each other, easy to exchange. The ERP system also helps the manager to monitor the overview of the work situation and update the business activities anytime, anywhere.

Flexible customization

Odoo-based management software is designed and configured flexibly for each business. Depending on the business model, field and business characteristics, the software can be customized in the most convenient way. The flexible application also makes it easy for businesses to follow and keep up with trends. In addition, Odoo v12 is compatible with many devices, convenient for business administration.

Above are the outstanding features of Odoo version 12 brought to users. Next time, let's explore with TopERP the changes between Odoo 12 vs Odoo 13.Explore more: Criteria when choosing an ERP solution
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