So sánh Odoo với Netsuite - Phần mềm ERP nào tốt hơn?

Giữa rất nhiều đơn vị cung cấp phần mềm ERP, Odoo với Netsuite là hai cái tên nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm từ người dùng. Vậy hai phần mềm này có gì nổi bật? Nên chọn phần mềm Odoo hay Netsuite? Cùng TopERP phân tích những tính năng nổi bật của hai phần mềm này ngay dưới đây.

Why use ERP software in business?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning cluster. This is a commonly applied enterprise resource planning solution. ERP software makes business management easier by integrating applications in the same system, saving time, costs and improving work quality.

ERP system integrates many modules, meeting many needs and suitable for many industries. ERP can be used by large, medium and small businesses. From single stores and eateries to chain stores and larger systems.

ERP helps integrate all the resources that businesses need for easy control, retrieval and use. ERP software is expected to replace single management software, in order to increase automation and linkability between personnel and departments.

Introduction to Odoo with Netsuite

Both Odoo and Netsuite are the most talked about ERP software today. Before diving in depth compare the difference between Odoo with Netsuite,Take a quick look at these two software below.

Odoo ERP

Odoo is an open ERP system, applied in 120 countries with more than 5 million users. Odoo ERP is written in Python language, offering two versions, Community and Enterprise. In addition to the default modules, users can customize to suit their needs.

Odoo ERP is chosen by many businesses thanks to its diverse application store and high security. At the same time, Odoo software makes it easy to integrate applications with other platforms, suitable for many fields and sizes of businesses. The Odoo interface is also considered user-friendly, with low implementation costs.

Netsuite ERP

Netsuite is also a management solution option for businesses. Unlike Odoo, Netsuite ERP develops on the cloud platform (Cloud ERP). In addition, Netsuite only has an Enterprise version, there is no free trial version.

Netsuite software is available in over 160 countries with over 40,000 users. However, the source code of this software depends a lot on the company or partners, it is difficult for users to master the technology and develop solutions themselves.

Compare Odoo software with Netsuite

So between Odoo ERP and Netsuite, which software dominates in terms of features? Here's a head-to-head comparison of Odoo and Netsuite based on key ERP features to have.

Sales feature

The sales feature is one of the most essential tools for businesses. In terms of this feature, Odoo ERP is more appreciated than Netsuite because of more utilities.

Odoo software provides a full range of utilities such as creating quotes, e-signatures, online payments, quote templates, Upselling & Cross Selling, subscription management, retail PoS, restaurant PoS, eCommerce. As a result, Odoo is an effective tool for sales staff to easily track and update orders.

Netsuite provides most of the above utilities, but lacks some utilities such as creating digital signatures, quote templates and restaurant PoS.

Product management features

With product management, both Odoo and Netsuite fully support detailed product configuration, kit sales, and product variant matrix management.

CRM Features

Odoo ERP software provides full CRM features. Such as nurturing, scoring, lead management, opportunity management, sales funnels, multi-address customer management, email integration, live chat, customer history keeping, VoiP, engine analytics meetings, email templates,... Meanwhile, Netsuite can't meet VoiP, lead nurturing, live chat.

Financial accounting features

Odoo provides a full range of financial accounting support utilities. Some important utilities such as analytical accounting, warning features, budget management, assets, expenses, automatic synchronization of bank sub-books, optimization of bank sub-book reconciliation, invoice management, ...

Netsuite also supports almost all of these utilities. However, it still lacks some capabilities such as automatic synchronization and optimization of bank sub-book reconciliation, invoice management. In addition, Netsuite ERP also lacks international accounting compatibility.

Marketing Features

Some Marketing utilities that Netsuite does not support such as drag-and-drop web design, questionnaire management, social media channel management. Meanwhile, the ERP system on the Odoo platform is fully responsive for Marketing features.

Warehouse management features

In terms of warehouse management capabilities, Netsuite ERP is still inferior to Odoo because it has not yet met utilities such as managing multiple warehouses, configuring Push/Pull principles. Meanwhile, Odoo ERP provides a full range of these utilities.

Production management features

Odoo ERP is still dominant in providing production management solutions. From MRP, production routing, single assembly management, product lifecycle management, production costing, assembly work lists to quality management, maintenance, OEE, cluster control panels or repair management, IoT integration are guaranteed by Odoo.

Compared to that, Netsuite lacks the functions of to-do lists, cluster dashboards, maintenance management, and IoT integration.

Purchase management feature

With the purchase management feature, Odoo and Netsuite have almost no difference. Netsuite just lacks the total purchase contract functionality while Odoo provides more complete.

Service and project management features

There is no difference in service and project management features. Both of these software fully support task and project management functions, Lean/Kanban application, scheduling, helpdesk, email integration as well as saving employee working time.

User Interface and Utilities

Netsuite's user interface and utilities are not as highly rated as Odoo's. This software lacks functions such as a repository of interfaces, the ability to run on mobile browsers, the ability to manually adjust data fields, chat and email, dynamic reports or Pivot Tables.
Based on the above features, although Netsuite is interested by many users, in general, there are still many limitations compared to Odoo. International comparison sites also rate Odoo much better than Netsuite. Not to mention the cost of deploying Odoo is much cheaper than Netsuite. Each Odoo account costs only 10 USD/month, while this cost in Netsuite is 125 USD/month. So sánh Odoo và Bravo

Above are detailed reviews between Odoo ERP software and Netsuite. The experts also agree that Odoo presents an advantage over Netsuite and has a much lower implementation cost. Therefore, Odoo will be the more ideal solution for businesses.

To deploy the Odoo ERP system, customers can directly contact TopERP to receive the best advice.

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