Tại sao phần mềm kế toán ERP được doanh nghiệp ưu tiên?

Phần mềm kế toán ERP là thuật ngữ được nhắc đến rất nhiều trong lĩnh vực tài chính - kế toán. Vậy ERP kế toán là gì? Quan trọng như thế nào với doanh nghiệp?

ERP accounting and bookkeeping software

Accounting software is a program that supports basic functions in accounting operations. Users enter data, vouchers, the software will process to make financial statements. That limitation is that it cannot directly connect to data from other parts. Therefore, accounting software often works independently, data input must be done manually. This takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention errors in the data entry process.

So what is ERP accounting software? This can be understood as a module in the overall business management solution ERP, oriented towards financial accounting management. ERP software allows consistent data linkage throughout the ERP system. Thereby inheriting data quickly and accurately from all parts of the enterprise. Using online ERP accounting software saves time and increases efficiency for businesses. Phần mềm kế toán Doanh nghiệp

Why is accounting ERP preferred by many businesses?

Data Linkability

Traditional accounting software is set up individually, not in any specific system. Therefore, if you want to update the data, you need to do it manually. This can easily lead to errors.

With ERP software, this disadvantage is completely overcome. By aligning with other software in the system, accounting ERP helps users to link data faster, increasing accuracy in processing.

Boost efficiency

Using ERP software will give higher productivity and efficiency than traditional software. Instead of entering data from the warehouse, sales, human resources,... ERP software is automated. This will help users save time, costs and minimize errors.

Accounting pen

With the ERP system, accounting will be the result of each transaction process. Each business operation will be recorded by a transaction on the system. After each transaction, accounting is done. Users can use vouchers and business codes to manipulate. Declared information about the item pair will be defaulted to support users.

The accounts are linked in each pair of entries corresponding to the implicit accounting rules and each type of economic transaction, ensuring consistency between these pairs of entries.

Automatic accounting

All applications in the ERP system conduct automatic accounting, except for the general accounting application. With ERP accounting software, entries are automatically generated and controlled by multiple layers. At the same time, these entries are also approved for multiple layers, thereby limiting the amount of error.

Reversing entry

Kế toán ERP luôn đảm bảo ghi nhận các thao tác một cách trung thực và khách hàng quan trọng nhất. Do đó, người dùng không thể xóa các bút toán trước đó. If have bad backup to fix, can may use bút toán đảo. ERP cho phép sử dụng bút toán đảo, tuy nhiên bút toán sai sót trước đó vẫn được ghi lại.

Set up an intermediary account

The intermediary account helps to ensure the balance of the enterprise's accounting. Transactions arising in an intermediary account do not affect the financial statements. Businesses can rely on the balance to check whether all steps have been taken. It also won't take long for accountants to learn ERP accounting software.

Report consolidation feature

The consolidation feature is very important, especially for businesses with many branches or member units. ERP helps to merge reports quickly, making it more convenient for users to summarize. With only the available data query operation, users can easily evaluate the report overview. In addition, adding a new member or management level is also flexible and easy to implement.

Building system and directory structure

Users can build more structures and categories to suit business activities. The accounting software built into the ERP system can be flexible, meeting the needs of financial analysis and management at all levels of the business.

Process operations

ERP software is designed according to a complete system, operating according to a certain process. Every operation in the process ensures link and continuity. Therefore, if an operation is taken apart, the control function can be difficult. In the event that an action must be decoupled, the user needs to create an external binding object and execution rule in order to remain in control. The operations will be specifically instructed when instructing the use of ERP accounting software.
Vietnam accounting management software It is now very diverse on many different platforms. These can be mentioned as ERP software on Odoo platform with flexible features, fast processing speed, high security, and easy operation. Some other common platforms such as Soft accounting software, FTS ERP accounting software, Oracle ERP software, SAP ERP accounting software,...
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In the midst of the variety of providers, businesses should dig into the details of the services to find the most suitable choice for them.
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