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Odoo is the best management software to run a company.
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TopERP - We are your partner in the next Technology Generation (4.0). With our vision to become the leader in providing ERP services, we will help business to optimize their time & resources.


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From 10.000.000đ

/ month
  • Fully basic features (*)
  • Suite for business less than 15 users.
  • No customization
  • Without training (***)


From 30.000.000đ

/ month
  • Fully basic features (*)
  • Access to Enterprise features(**)
  • Basic Customization
  • With training (***)



  • Fully basic features (*)
  • Access to Enterprise features(**)
  • Fully customizations
  • Training, Support 24/7

(*): Basic functions of Odoo Community version. 

(**): Fully features of Odoo Enterprise version.

(***): Online documentation at https://wiki.toperp.vn | Forum ( https://toperp.vn/forum/tro-giup-1 ). Customers can get more training package if needed by contact us


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Odoo Community là phiên bản mã nguồn mở của Odoo phát triển, được đóng góp bởi hàng triệu lập trình viên trên khắp thế giới. Odoo Community tuy là bản miễn phí, nhưng có đầy đủ các tính năng cơ bản dành cho quản trị doanh nghiệp như CRM, Bán hàng, Mua hàng, Kho, Hoá đơn, Dự án, Thảo luận nội bộ, Lịch...

Odoo Enterprise là phiên bản thu phí của Odoo, bao gồm nhiều tính năng nâng cao, chuyên nghiệp dành cho những doanh nghiệp có nhu cầu cao, đòi hỏi nghiệp vụ phức tạp hơn.

TopERP is Odoo Partner, so we can get Odoo Enterprise for you.

An enterprise application must go by client's way. Customization provides that personalized experience in an application focusing on the client’s requirements and ideas. Odoo provides a fully functional package to meet up an enterprise requirement, but there will be always an "extra" required by the clients. At TopERP, we analyze your requirement based on the additional needs and there by setting the right strategy for fulfilling the functionalities. We deliver high end customization services so that customers get the full benefit of using their application, there by achieving the business goals. Extending Odoo's modular approach, our technical team assist you to achieve your all desired needs.

We can host your ERP on our cloud, TopERP can provide cloud for you, with high performance and high availability

Or you can choose to host on your own server, TopERP can setup ERP for you on your own server.

We also provide service to host your ERP on odoo.sh